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You should know that according to City and State New York Magazine’s the latest list, my brush with celebrity in their most recent lists of most outstanding and influential leaders seems to be over. For some strange reason, they have ranked me #48 out of 50 worse lawmakers.

It is important for you to know that the publishers of City and State celebrated my outstanding political leadership two times in 2019. For example, City and State’s listed me at Number 13 in their list of most noteworthy figures of Bronx County.

And just weeks ago, as 2019 came to an end, City and State recognized me as Number 17 in their Power of Diversity list of most powerful black men and women in New York State.

My dear reader, I must ask: How can anyone honestly place me on a list as the 48th worst legislator in the New York City Council? Why the fall from grace when my record as a Council member can stand on itself as one of the best in the City of New York?

You should already now that no one can even come close to competing with the work and services I provide through my City Council District Office.

Unlike the offices of too many elected officials, my District Office is open 5 days a week for constituent services. It is not uncommon – in one day alone – for more than 60 people to step inside the doorway of my office asking for help. I am proud to say that they get it!

Unlike other New York City Council offices, I don’t discriminate about who we help, because I don’t deny help to people from other districts who turn to my office because it isn’t incompetent or closed to the public during the week.

No other New York City Council office provides the specialized assistance for taxi drivers like my office provides.

No other New York City Council office provides the specialized legal assistance for documented or undocumented immigrants that my office provides. Yes, unlike other City Council offices, I have an attorney on staff to assist constituents and other colleagues in drafting their legislations.

Add this to the fact that due to my hard work, and unlike other New York City Council Districts: the sidewalks streets in my District are being paved and restored, our school buildings and auditoriums, are being repaired and renovated, our parks are being improved to make them safe and enjoyable for our families, and our senior citizen centers are receiving the resources they deserve.

As far as my abilities to introduce legislation goes, I have an excellent track record.

Speaker Corey Johnson is on the record, before he dissolved the Council’s For Hire Vehicle Committee where I served as Chair, for publicly congratulating me for the exceptional legislation I introduced to help protect for-hire vehicle industry in New York City.

In fact, I have introduced strong legislation to protect New Yorkers from Con Edison’s ever-increasing gas and electric fees, but like too much of my good work, it has been ignored.

Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know what has inspired City and State from ranking me as #48 on their list of worse lawmakers, but I think that after a careful review of my record, and their own publications, we all have to disagree with their judgment.

For me, I have to say to City and State: sticks and stones. None of your lists have inspired me to do better, nor have they made me to feel defeated. My work ethic is stronger than that of anyone I know, and I will continue to serve people in need.

I would, however, like to recommend for City and State to reconsider who actually belongs on their “Worst-of” list to include elected officials who vote for and promote killing innocent unborn babies in their mothers’ wombs at 9 months, elected officials who vote for and support legislation that allows for criminals to run freely in our streets leaving our senior citizens and families safety and well-being in danger.

City and State should also include on their Worst Legislators list those who support people urinating in public, committing indecent exposure without punishment, and jumping train turnstiles. They should also include legislators who facilitate the hostile environment on NYC’s streets against our police officers as NYPD officers get buckets of water dumped on them, and without consequence get screamed at and cursed at just to humiliate them, and don’t forget to include those who want to see our police and judges essentially in handcuffs in order to let criminals walk freely on our streets

I am Councilman Rev. Rubén Díaz, and this is what you should know.

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