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Political Correctness Is Eroding Our Constitutional Rights

You should know that this Great Country of ours is a magnet for all the peoples of the world for several reasons, one being that it is “The Home of the Free.” A bastion of liberty, and opportunity. That’s what makes this country great. But lately our freedoms are eroding and disappearing little by little.

This nation was founded on guaranteeing its citizens Inalienable Rights. Intrinsic rights, given by our creator and not by man. Because if these rights are granted by man, then those rights can be taken away by men. I am of the same belief as the founders of this great nation, that the rights to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness are God given. That those Constitutional Freedoms such as the freedom of religion and its free exercise, the right to bear arms in defense of our families and property, the freedom to peacefully assemble without the fear of persecution and incarceration are intrinsic to our very survival as a free people and great nation.

It is important for you to know that all these rights are guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States, but unfortunately are eroding. “Political correctness” is detrimental to our freedom of expression, and freedom of religion. Political Correctness is used to shame and persecute into silence those in disagreement. Political Correctness cunningly uses semantics to achieve the ultimate goal to shut the mouths of dissenting opinions by resorting to name calling.

Those that dare to go against the “group think mentality” are immediately berated with all kinds of verbiage like “Xenophobic” used to describe those that express their opposition to illegal immigration, inspite of their support for Legal Immigration, no matter you’re a Xenophobe.

If you dare express your opposition to abortion and the killing of babies up to the time of birth, you will be branded a Misogynist, or anti-woman, simply because you expressed your belief in the right to life, which is a guaranteed right under the U.S. Constitution, but for us people of faith, it is a God given right.

Those that dare express their belief in traditional marriage, between one man and one woman are branded and called homophobic, if not worst you are a pariah and not welcomed in our civilized society, like when Governor Cuomo stated that there is no room in New York for people like us.

In today’s “Me Too” and “Politically Correct” environment one must be extremely careful and refrain from complimenting anyone, because if you dare, you are in danger of being charged with “sexual harassment”. So, beware, and tread lightly with your compliments.

If you dare to express any sympathy for President Donald Trump, wear a Maga Hat, or shirt you are labeled a Racist.

Clearly my dear reader we are living in a very different America. Where instead of having an intelligent, respectful discourse, dissenting voices are branded with a despicable name, a “scarlet letter” and stripped of the inalienable rights guaranteed under the United States Constitution.

No one likes to be called or identified by such hateful terms, but those doing the name calling know this, and this is why it is done. Just because a person may disagree with a position or a belief doesn’t mean they hate women, or people of color, or any other marginalized group. It just means that we are Americans with the right to express an opinion without the fear of persecution, where one’s business is boycotted, eg: Chick-Fil-A, and others, where so many are hurt by being falsely branded. Being identified in this hateful manner only serves to divide us as a nation, leaving a trail of hurt, broken families and friendships.

I strongly believe that the time will come when people of goodwill eventually open their eyes and begin to see where this great nation is headed. Although not a perfect nation, our most valued and precious commodity is our liberty and freedom. We are a great nation because we had the ability to agree to disagree, and have a respectful dialogue minus the political correctness and the hate.

Hate should not have a place in our hearts even when we are in disagreement. We must focus on our similarities as, Americans, and not focus on our differences. Only then we can live in peace with each other. This is the Lord’s way, this is what the founders had in mind when writing the Constitution, and this is what I believe and I hold firmly to it.

I am NYC Councilman Rev. Ruben Diaz and this is what you should know.

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