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Time to Return to the Values of Our Grandparents and The Bible

You should know that the recent general election held last Tuesday, November 2, the Conservatives and Moderates sent our present leaders a solid message of repudiation of the Socialist/Leftists Democratic wing of the Democrat Party.

Conservatives, Republicans and Moderate Democrats, showed the leftists Democrats how sick and tired they are with their “Progressive” Marxists ideologies and the direction they have been taking our nation. The people are tired of the lack of respect for law and order, the defund the police movement, the people are tired of the increase in crime, violence, lack of essential services, and the loss of common-sense values. During these elections the people showed their frustrations by voting to defeat the socialist/leftist Democratic candidates across this nation.

You should know that these past elections, the Democrats lost positions. Even those that won, did so with humiliating victories. Some experienced much difficulty in getting reelected to their positions. Democrats had a nail biting wait for the results that would bring them to victory with a squeaking, humiliating slimmest of margins.

It is important that you, my dear reader know, that the nationwide election results are the following:

1. In Virginia:
Ms. Winsome Sears, a Pro-Donald Trump, a Republican was elected as the first Black woman Lieutenant Governor of the State. She won by more than 50,000 votes. Ms. Sears is a U.S., Marine and a former Bronx resident. Also, Mr. Glenn Youngkin, another Republican, was elected governor of that state, beating the incumbent Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe. Jason Miyares, a Republican, became the first Latino elected as the State’s Attorney General defeating the incumbent Democrat Mark Herring.

2. In Seattle:
Ann Davidson, a pro-police Republican candidate, won the position of City Attorney.

3. Here in New York:
a) In the City of Buffalo Mr. Byron Brown (a Moderate Democrat) joined the Republicans to win re-election. He won with Republican help and carried out a write in campaign. He defeated the leftist wing of his party. He defeated India Walton the Democrat/Socialist who had the support of Senator Chuck Schumer, Senator Kristin Gillibran, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, all the Unions and the entire Democrat Party Machine. Needless to that is no easy feat, but with the help of the Republicans, Mr. Brown was victorious against the leftists.

b) In Nassau and Suffolk Counties, Democrats lost 2 seats for State District Attorney. The Democrats suffered a loss of their seats to (2) pro-Trump Republicans. Ms. Anne Donnelly will be the new District Attorney for Nassau County, and Ray Tierney will be the new District Attorney for Suffolk County. Democrat Senator Ted Komesky running for DA was defeated by Anne Donnelly even though everyone thought he was a sure thing; he was defeated for his position on bail reform.

c) In New York City, in the five (5) counties, the Republicans won 3 seats in the city council increasing the number of Republicans in the City Council from 3 to 6, and we expect it may increase to (7) seven seats.

d) In the mayoral election in New York City, between Democrat Eric Adams and Republican Curtis Sliwa, 40% of Queens voters voted Republican, and in the Bronx 25% of voters cast their votes to the Republicans. It is important to note that these votes were cast in minority populated areas, where the control is under “Progressive” socialist/leftist Democrats. It makes us wonder what would happen if the nation’s conservative Democrats, after seeing these numbers, will be willing to pay more attention to these under serve districts and be motivated to invest more resources.

5. New Jersey:
In the Garden State Edward Durr, a truck driver, and pro-Trump Republican won the defeated State Senator Steve Sweeny on a shoestring budget. He was fed up and decided to challenge the Democrat spending (according to reports) a total of $150.00 and he defeated Senator Sweeny, the Democrat president of the State Senate. The state’s Governor Phil Murphy has gone through an embarrassing campaign election result. The election results are so close that a winner has yet to be declared and faces a possible recount. This is not good for an incumbent.

I congratulate all my fellow Conservative Democrats! You made me proud. Now I invite you to unite even more for the 2022 elections. I sincerely pray that next year finds us united, full of energy, enthusiasm, and faith so that we can continue to recover lost ground.

It is important that you know and understand that conservative values are non-partisan. Whether you identify as a Democrat or Republican, Conservative values protect the moral fabric of our society rooted in freedom, respect for each other, love of community, family, and faith. We Conservatives value the liberties this country was founded on as stipulated in the Bill of Rights, “Life, Liberty, and pursuit of happiness”, these past elections showed that we the people still hold dear these truths.

I am Councilman Rev. Ruben Diaz and this, What You Should know.

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