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Statement on Supreme Court Ruling to Allow Employers to Deny Contraceptive Coverage for Women

Today’s Supreme Court decision once again shows that Republicans and their right-leaning allies do not respect women. To put the power of women’s health care into an employers’ hands is simply outrageous and disrespectful.

All women, especially Women of Color, deserve to know that our government and the court system will not only protect their basic right to healthcare, but will also empower them to make decisions for themselves.

Last year, I was a co-sponsor of the Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage Act, which required that insurers cover any contraception recommended by a health care provider without a co-payment, and also ensured that women could access a year’s supply of contraception at one time. This bill covered gaps that existed and was a way to make sure women had simple access to meet healthcare needs.

Employers should play no role in the kind of healthcare that a person – and women in particular – can receive. Too many employers are not primarily focused on having their employees’ best interest at heart, when there is profit to be made, and a ruling like this will make it more difficult to trust businesses who benefit from this ruling. This is especially true when so many women are responsible for the cost of their own insurance, even when it is employer-provided.

I am a man and a feminist, and I trust women. I will continue to support women as they make decisions about their reproductive freedom, their careers, their family, and their quality of life.

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