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Respect the will of the people Let All The Votes Count For The Muslim Democratic Candidates

You should know that on Tuesday’s Democratic Primary the names of Ahmadou Diallo and Mohammed N. Mujumder appeared on the ballot as the two (2) male district leaders for the 79th and 87th Assembly Districts.
The NYC Board of Elections printed their names on the ballot, and the people voted for them.  This is the will of the people, and therefore those votes must be counted and treated as write-in candidates.
In a Democratic City that boasts about how we stand for immigrant representation, protection, tolerance, compassion and equal opportunities for all; why is it that these same attributes are not being applied to these two candidates? These two candidates happen to be Muslim immigrants. Not giving them the same consideration and opportunities by counting their votes speaks volumes. The people rightfully exercised their duty and cast their votes for them showing who they want as their representatives!
Let every vote count! Voters should not be disenfranchised.  Black Lives Matter? We often heard the people chant these words in public demonstrations for justice.  So, what happened to the will of the people when they chose these two Black Democratic Muslim Immigrants?   Should every vote matter to them, and their community? Does the people’s will, and the people’s vote be valued less because these candidates’ names appeared on the ballots, due to Board of Election’s technicalities? What should take priority in any election?
The priority must always be the will of the people, their vote and who they select to represent them.  Justice calls for these candidates votes to be counted and considered as write-in candidates.  Anything less means that these voters have been disenfranchised.
Again, as a city, that brags about being a “Sanctuary City”; in a progressive city. A city that proudly, pats itself on the back, about how it protects and grants all immigrants the same benefits as others; you should know that these two immigrants are being denied the right to serve their community in a politically elected capacity, which is rightfully theirs when the votes they acquired are counted.
Where are the boastful progressives now to help protect their rights, and the will of the people? Where are the civil liberties and civil rights attorneys to help protect the will of the people, and the integrity of these elections? Where are they?
The people for Mr. Ahmaduo Diallo, and Mr. Mohammed N. Mujumder and I believed many voices, during this past Democratic primary held on Tuesday June 23, 2020, when they said “Let every vote count!” “Let the will of the people stand!”
This is Councilman Rev. Ruben Diaz, and this is what you should know.
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