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Reacting to a Council Race Ad in a Brooklyn Jewish Paper

Ahead of the May 14 special election for the 45th District City Council seat in central Brooklyn, vacated by Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, a campaign ad in an Orthodox Jewish newspaper has “exposed a raw nerve,” writes Kings County Politics’ Stephen Witt.

Farah Louis’ campaign has taken out a full-page ad in the Flatbush Jewish Journal, a Brooklyn Jewish publication which “rarely if ever prints photos of women, including once removing a photo of her opponents, Orthodox Jewish candidate Adina Sash for participating in a local graffiti cleanup.” Sash’s campaign also ran an ad, without her photo, in the publication “through her brother and father.” In the case of Louis’ ad:

The signatories of the ad are 46 Orthodox Jewish men, including several who are real estate developers. The FJCC is a strongly male membership and run organization that purportedly represents both Orthodox men and women. While it acts very accommodating towards non-Jewish females, it appears to restrict orthodox Jewish females from participating in their meetings and gatherings.

Witt highlights two quotes from the ad:

“After an exhaustive and deliberative discussions and interviews with the candidates most likely to win we believe that the best-qualified person who is most sensitive to our concerns and has a realistic chance of winning is Farah Louis.


“Some candidates do not necessarily understand us or represent our values while others are simply a spoiler and do not have any real chance of winning.”

How did Sash respond to the ad, in particular to the use of “spoiler”? And what did she find when she approached several of the signees about the letter? Find out at Kings County Politics.

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