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You should know that my opponents, for the 15th Congressional District, are so desperate that they are accusing me of the most ridiculous thing in the world: I stand accused of helping people during this pandemic.

As a minister, helping people is something I have always done in my district, in Bronx County, throughout New York City, and in other nations.

When there have been earthquakes, storms or tragedies in the Dominican Republic, in my beloved island of Puerto Rico, in Honduras, in Mexico, or in Haiti, I have gone to the streets and collected donations to send to people in need. These events have always been open to the public and very successful.

My staff has been instructed to help each and every person who walks into my office asking for help, no matter where they are from. We have helped people outside of my district, people from other boroughs, and even people from New Jersey and Connecticut. No one has ever been turned away.

My office proudly and routinely serves taxi drivers from all over New York City. In fact, during this pandemic, my office has helped more than 600 taxi drivers to file for unemployment under the CARE Act.

For years, I have collected thousands and thousands of toys to help children all over the city to celebrate Christmas and Three Kings Day. In some occasions I have been invited by other elected official to join them in their district.

With the help of Taiwan’s affiliates and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of New York, I have been able to provide thousands of backpacks filled with school supplies to Bronx children, and to provide PPE to New York State, especially to Lincoln Hospital and Jacobi Hospital in Bronx County.

It is important for you to know, that now so many people are unemployed and suffering more than ever because of the pandemic, and so many senior citizens are unable to get food or facemasks to protect themselves, of course I am doing, and always will whatever I can do to help.

It surprises me as a minister as well as public elected official that anyone would attack my reputation because I am helping people in need, especially during a tragedy. These ugly accusations are most definitely an act of political desperation by my opponents.

My dear reader, do you ever wonder what my accusers are doing to help? It’s as if they are telling those in need to drop dead.

While it sickens me to think anyone may want me to stop providing for people in need, don’t worry because I won’t and I can’t stop because this is how God has made me.

I am Councilman Reverend Rubén Díaz, and this is What You Should Know.

What You Should Know
By Councilman Rev. Ruben Diaz
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