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Julie Oliver statement on act of gun violence in El Paso

Austin, TX — Regarding the tragic shooting that took place in El Paso, Julie Oliver issued the following statement:

“Today we’re absolutely heartbroken to hear the news coming from El Paso, and we’re sending love to all of our Texas family there. It is such a generous, loving and safe community. We’re heartbroken that the specter of gun violence continues to take lives.

We’re with you, and we’re wrapping El Paso in all of our love.

We do not have to live like this. But our current state leadership has absolutely failed in their sworn duty to protect its citizens. And our own Congressman would rather kowtow to the NRA than keep us safe.

Texas law allows the open carry of semiautomatic rifles. It does not require a background check, training or an age limit. Walmart allows open carry.

We are tired of this. You’re either sticking up for machines created to murder the most people and the corporations that profit from selling them, or you’re sticking up for the people of Texas.

We choose the people of Texas. And we won’t stop fighting until public life in America is safe again.”

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