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It’s time for Governor Rosello to resign

While all of us make mistakes, it is unacceptable when an elected official’s behavior demonstrates consistent levels of discrimination, inhumanity and blatant disregard for constituents leading to their suffering.

In Puerto Rico, it is apparent from the arrest of the Secretary of Education due to alleged corruption with government contracts, to the absolutely inappropriate messages that included violence against women, homophobia, and people with disabilities, to the disrespectful jokes about those who lost their lives in Hurricane Maria, that Governor Rosello cannot effectively lead any longer. For the good of the people, he should resign.

As a Bronxite who represents a very large Puerto Rican community, I can no longer be silent as we watch our fellow American citizens suffer due to one individual not hearing the glaring call for change. His presence and these distractions will also further the hypocritical voice of the Trump Administration to try and justify why they will continue not helping the people of Puerto Rico – while prolonging the existence of a 121 year-old colonial status.

Let’s be clear: separate from the situation involving Governor Rosello, President Trump’s utter disregard for the people of Puerto Rico given their suffering and challenges since Hurricane Maria that took more than 4,500 lives, is reprehensible, shameful, and un-American.

No woman, no LGBTQ person, no government official, no journalist and no human being should be treated the way that Governor Rosello and his administration have allowed people to be treated under their watch. Enough is Enough.

The time has come for Governor Ricardo Rosello to resign.

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