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You should know that our laws require all public officials to provide a financial report of all assets, income, and possessions we have acquired during the year.

You should also know that every year, throughout my entire public life, I have been very careful and extremely meticulous to insure full disclosure and transparency. I have been honest in providing receipts, and all of my finances to the last penny. I do this in an effort to avoid any misunderstandings, criticisms and to always walk with my head held high.

It is said in an ancient Roman cliché that «Caesar’s wife must not only be pure, but she must also have the appearance of purity.» Which means that one must not only look the part, but live the part. In other words, you look pure, because you are pure.

It is important for you to know that as the Senior Pastor of the Christian Community Neighborhood Church I do not receive a salary. I also do not receive a salary to serve as the President of The New York Hispanic Clergy Organization. The services I provide within my Ministry are all in kind contributions, which I do not deduct the value of these services when filing my taxes.

Most churches, including mine, celebrate annually “The Pastor’s Appreciation Day”. Pastors Day at my church, is celebrated on my birthday. On this day the community, church and clergy members and elected officials are invited, and I receive gifts, in the form of love offerings. I have also reported those gifts when received. I’ve never hidden anything. I am transparent, because as a man of faith, I must answer to a higher authority, not just the IRS, and other requirements.

Now the press along with my political enemies (who never get tired of looking for an opportunity to accuse me of wrong doing) instead of giving me kudos for my transparency and honest virtue, for reporting all gifts and income, find cause to mock me. Some reporters are so disingenuous that it’s as if it were their investigative work that disclosed my information. They reported as if they had a great “gotcha” moment, intended to give the appearance as if they caught me doing something illegal.

But what you should know is that it was I who voluntarily reported the gifts. There was no need for any investigative reporting and there was no great “gotcha” moment which would greatly please my enemies.

The community, both Christian and secular, have elected an honest, transparent, public servant that has nothing to hide. When they elected me, they elected a virtuous man of faith, with a clean conscience, who takes pride in my integrity, and preserving my reputation. As I said before; I must because I answer not only to secular laws but to the laws of a higher moral authority.

Sadly, what can be said of political enemies and some disingenuous reporters, when instead of recognizing one’s honesty and transparency chose to mock, deride, and disparage me. It is clear that they would give anything to destroy my good name and reputation.

To them I say, I will always be the same, my beliefs will always be the same and I will never waver on my beliefs, virtues, and principals which are biblically rooted.

I am Councilman Rev. Ruben Diaz and this is what you should know.

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