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Hispanic Community: By Passed Again

You should know that upon appointing Senator Brian Benjamin, as our next lieutenant governor for the State of New York, African Americans are practically shaping up to hold all relevant positions of power in the State of New York.

African Americans will have control of the following positions: Lieutenant Governor, Senate Majority Leader, Assembly Majority Leader, and State Attorney General. This means that now the full control of the budget for the entire State of New York is under the control of African Americans. Education, Health, Housing, Rents, Transportation, etc, etc. Everything will be under their control. Therefore, people of color can no longer blame the Republicans, nor the White people, or their “White Privilege” or blame our future woes on racism and discrimination.

Additionally in New York City, African Americans will hold the positions of mayor, Ombudsman, Majority Leader of the City Council, Presidents of the boroughs of the Bronx, Queens, and many other positions in the City Council, Congressional seats, State Senators, State Assembly, Attorney Generals of different boroughs, and the Chairmanships of the Democratic Party in the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Wow that’s power.

I imagine that next year, the Hispanic community will be remembered again when needed for the 2022 elections. The Hispanics come to mind when the Democrats need to maintain power and keep it out of the reach of Republicans. I have seen this movie before!

But now, we Hispanics being the majority, and possessing many well qualified men and women who could have been appointed to lieutenant governor while making history as the first person of Hispanic origin to occupy said position, again backs are turned, and the Hispanics are by passed once again. Then there is talk of discrimination and white privilege. Oh, please give me a break. To another fool with that tale.

Rumor has it that among one of the reasons Governor Hochul appointed Senator Brian Benjamin, lieutenant governor, in addition to his qualifications, and he is well qualified, we congratulate him on his appointment, was because he is African American. It is believed in political circles that this would energize Gov. Hochul’s possible primary run against A.G. Letitia James or Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, both African Americans.

Gov. Hochul overlooked naming a Hispanic person, which demonstrates that she like many before her, take the Hispanic vote for granted. She may feel that the Hispanic vote is a sure thing, and she has us in her pocket. We will have to wait and see until next year. I can however guarantee you that in the Hispanic community there is a lot of resentment.

I am Councilman Rev. Ruben Diaz and this is what you should know.

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