July 14 – Presidential candidate John Hickenlooper issues the following statement in response to planned ICE raids.

“President Trump’s raids on families are creating widespread fear in some cities and making us all less safe. These raids are diverting resources from actual threats to community and national security. The Trump administration’s defunding of Northern Triangle Countries will contribute to the growing backlog of asylum requests and the grim pictures we keep seeing of the humanitarian crisis on the southern border. We must be laser-focused on rebuilding our immigration system and securing our borders in a smart, humane, and effective way.”

As Governor, Hickenlooper fought Trump’s immigration policies, signed historic legislation granting tuition assistance to undocumented students, one of the first in the nation, and initiated a new program to grant driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants. As President, Hickenlooper will stop separating families and enact comprehensive immigration reform to establish a pathway to legalization for unauthorized immigrants while ensuring border enforcement, lawful review of asylum requests, and protecting dreamers.