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Happy Mother’s Day Mama Hilary

I love you Mama.

These words we should share any chance we get. They take on even deeper meaning at a time when many of us are unable to see our Mothers up close.

Thankfully, My Mama Hilary is safe and sound down in Florida, while I am still here at home in The Bronx. During normal times, we would go to church and after service, Oxtail and Rice & Peas would of course be on the menu.

But, we recognize that our Mothers are Champions who we don’t just celebrate for being a Mother for one Day. We celebrate Mothers for what you do throughout a lifetime.

You were always at my Parent Teacher Conferences and supported me at spelling bees. You taught me how to pray and preach and were even the voice of my endorsement robocall. You did exemplary work in manufacturing for 40 years before being a home health aide. From raising four sons to beating breast cancer, my Mother, Hilary Lawrence, is the epitome of Black excellence. My Mother is a Shero.

Happy Mother’s Day Mama Hilary!

Thank you my love. I am grateful beyond words. I could never show my gratitude for everything you do for me. My love for you extends beyond the highest cloud in the sky en route to the heights of Heaven. I know you BELIEVE in me.

To all of the Mothers, Godmothers (like my Auntie Shirla), Grandmothers and Mother like figures (such as Valerie Jarrett for me) and all of the sheroes out there, Happy Mother’s Day. Every day is Mother’s Day.

Mama Hilary Lawrence has a message for everyone – and you should always listen to your mama! You can watch her video here.

With Gratitude to all the Mamas today,

Michael Blake

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