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GALENT Successfully Completes Accelerator for Media Pros (AMP NYC) Program

New York. – Garifuna Afro-Latino Entertainment, LLC (Nombre Comercial GALENT), a diversified Afro-Latino(a) digital publisher, creative agency, and entertainment company is pleased to announce its successful completion of  the  “Accelerator for Media Pros NYC (AMP NYC)”.

The NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS) and the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME) celebrated the most recent cohort  of over 20 innovators of AMP NYC on Wednesday, December 18th at the Made in NY Media Center.

AMP NYC is a 3-month accelerator program for media and entertainment small businesses, the City agencies hosted a marketplace event to showcase cohorts work and elevate their position in the industry. AMP NYC was born out of the need to create a creative community of business owners in media and entertainment, to help them scale and grow, and to contribute to New York City’s local economy.  GALENT was among the over 20 innovators that completed the  AMP NYC fall cohort.

GALENT is a digital publisher, creative agency, and entertainment company targeting the growing Afro-Latino(a) population by producing compelling bilingual English/Spanish, culturally relevant and relatable content and events. It develops strategies to connect brands, content buyers, and creators to the Afro-Latinx population.

Despite the fact that its size, growth and purchasing power make it a highly attractive demographic for brands and a significant opportunity for growth, the Afro-Latino(a)  segment has been underserved.

GALENT’s market research identified an underserved Afro-Latino population and an untapped market. This is due to the fact  that brands and marketers continue looking at diversity and market segmentation, through the broadest of categories, White, Hispanic, Africa American and Asian American.  However, identify is nuanced. Diversity exists within diversity.

One-quarter of all U.S. Latinos self-identify as Afro-Latino, Afro-Caribbean or of African descent with roots in Latin America. They control an estimated $250 billion in economic buying power. 23% of the Afro-Latino(a) reside in New York. 

Understanding that Afro-Latino(a)s are looking to build loyalty with brands that properly represent their voices and authentic identity, while empowering their heritage; GALENT developed a  Value Proposition based on Cultural Awareness, Nuance and Competency. Understanding the needs of the emerging Afro-Latino(a) demographic is at the core of GALENT’s marketing niche.

The media and entertainment industry is an important contributor to New York City’s economyGALENT’s goal is to increase economic opportunity, create jobs, and to support Afro-Latinx culture and New York City’s media and entertainment industry.

“The AMP NYC program has been a tremendous opportunity for GALENT. The program helped us develop a Competitive Brand Positioning strategy as the source of authoritative insights and perspective on the Afro-Latino(a) market segment. We are proud to join the newest wave of New York City media & entertainment movers and shakers,” said, José Francisco Ávila López Managing member of GALENT.

Based in the Bronx, New York, GALENT launched in 2013 GALENT operates by the following guiding principles:

Recognition, GALENT celebrates the accomplishments, achievements and contributions of Afro-Latino(a)s, informing, empowering, entertaining and advocating for them.

Respect GALENT promotes recognition of and respect for Afro-Latino(a) culture, history and heritage.

Inclusion GALENT promotes the process of improving the ability, opportunity, and dignity of Afro Latino(a)s to take part in society, through an inclusion framework of access to products, and services.

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