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‘Flavorful Fiesta’ to Benefit Venezuelan Kids

Two Latinx artists’ collectives are organizing an event, Jangueo Heavy, to be held in the open air area at 3 Dollar Bill in Bushwick from 3 p.m. until 9 p.m. this Saturday May 11. The event, billed by its organizers as a “flavorful fiesta,” will feature music, dance and artists painting canvases on the spot, all to benefit children who have been severely impacted by the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, reports Angelica Florio at Bushwick Daily. People who come to the fundraiser can bid on the artworks, or just make a donation, with proceeds going to Comparte Por Una Vida.

Sebastian Lizarazo, one of the event’s organizers, explained that the Venezuela crisis hits home for him, literally, as refugees have amassed in his home country of Colombia. “Kids are the most vulnerable to this kind of situation,” Lizarazo told Bushwick Daily.

Lizarazo is one of the founding members of the artists’ collective nowigo (pronounced “no ego”), which is co-hosting the event with Latinx organization Un Lugar Ideado, founded by Juan Felipe Leguizamón.

“Our goal is to showcase this community to everybody…we want people who are going to of course monetarily support these artists, but also show up to the event to help promote them as well,” said Leguizamón. “Whether this is Caucasian or non-Latino attendees, we still welcome everyone to the event.”

There’ll be an interactive session at which attendees can do some paintings. And, said Lizarazo, people can check out “a slang dictionary” to “learn the different ways the different countries of South America say things.” Find out more, and what “jangueo” is slang for, at Bushwick Daily.

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