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Family musical & fun activites Saturday at Queens Theatre

Shakespeare hits the stage in dope new musical

To be or not to be at Queens Theatre on Nov. 2 is the question.

The answer is, YES, or you’ll miss out on a mashup of William Shakespeare and Hip-Hop—not to mention an afternoon of FREE games and activities.

Mary Pope Osborne’s Magic Tree House novel, “Stage Fright on a Summer Night,” has been transformed into the delightfully tuneful The Magic Tree House: Showtime With Shakespeare. This new musical follows beloved brother-sister duo Jack and Annie as they climb aboard their famous time-traveling treehouse and are whisked back to 1600s Merry Olde England.

Once there, they two meet the Bard and help him stage his latest work at the Globe Theatre, A Midsummer’s Night Dream.

But that’s only half the story.

Arrive early and take part in the FREE Shakespeare Obstacle Course created by the New York Shakespeare Exchange that will bring the words of the great playwright to life in a fun and exuberant way.

Take a turn at Shakespearean Insult/Complement Red Rover, where players pick their favorite Shakespearean phrases from a worksheet and use it to insult or complement the opposing team.

Then get moving with the Iambic Pentameter Relay Race, where teams race to and fro quoting famous Shakespeare lines and use their bodies to physicalize the rhythm of the language.

A chance to practice your acting comes during Shakespeare Charades, where, without using any words, players act out a Shakespearean character type. Are you a prince, warrior, lover or witch?

And last, but not least, Famous Last Lines. While many of Shakespeare’s characters don’t make it to the end of the play—we’re talking to you Rosencrantz and Guildenstern—they always exit with a flair for the dramatic. Have a go at chewing the scenery while uttering a character’s last words.

The FREE Shakespeare Obstacle Course runs from noon to 3pm on Saturday, Nov. 2. No reservations are required.

The Magic Tree House: Showtime With Shakespeare—with a top ticket price of $15—hits the stage at 1pm and 3pm. The 3pm show will include ASL Interpretation and be a Relaxed Sensory Friendly Performance.

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