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Democrats Fold: Border funding secured, immigrants remain under attack

A day ahead of February 15th’s budget deadline over the proposed US/Mexico border wall, politicians and negotiators have decided to yield to Trump’s threat to shutdown the government yet again, and in doing so, concede $1.4 billion dollars to build 55 miles of the wall and continuing to fund the border military force. CUFFH’s ally, United We Dream has exposed the egregious truths behind the military forces, U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE), and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and their divisive, toxic impact on our communities in this comprehensive report.

In case you missed our tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts, ICE and CBP have been the enforcers of state-sanctioned racism and have had devastating human impact on immigrants and citizens in this country. We are holding these agencies and our congress accountable to these stories, our pain. Money for the wall, money for La Migra directly harms, injures, and kills people of color. We are calling for Congress not only to refuse border militarization funding, but for Congress to divest in ICE and CBP to restore justice to immigrant communities and #DefundHate #Not1Dollar.

One our Tenant Organizers, Diego de la Vega, wrote about his experience as a DACA Recipient. DACA may be safe for now, but Diego, like many others, believes true safety in this country will not be achieved until there is amnesty for all. Anything short of amnesty continues to uphold a system that uses immigrants and refugees as bargaining tools to fund border terrorization and militarization and destabilizes our communities. We must ALL push for amnesty as a tool of justice, a way to begin to heal, and a new birth of freedom for 11 million souls.

Read Diego’s story HERE.

CUFFH is committed to protecting immigrants and upholding our network churches as sanctuary spaces for undocumented immigrant families.

In Solidarity,


If you are currently experiencing issues with immigration and live in North Brooklyn or if you’re interested in learning how to do more for the immigrant community, please reach out to one of our organizers, Andrés García

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