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Congratulations to Zozibini Tunzi 2019 Miss Universe! Black Is Beautiful!

GALENT an Afro Latino(a) digital media publisher and creative agency, whose mission is to celebrate the accomplishments, achievements and contributions of Afro-Latino(a)s, congratulates Miss South Africa Zozibini Tunzi who on Sunday, December 8, was announced the winner of the coveted Miss Universe competition, which was held at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Beating out nearly 90 other women from various countries and territories in the annual competition.

Zozibini Tunzi is a passionate activist and engaged in the fight against gender-based violence. She has devoted her social media campaign to changing the narrative around gender stereotypes. She is a proud advocate for natural beauty and encourages women to love themselves the way they are , according to her contestant biography.

Miss South Africa’s win marks a special one. Tunzi is the first black woman to earn the title since Leila Lopes was crowned Miss Universe 2011. Moreover, for the first time in history all four major pageant winners of the Miss Universe Organization, Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe are all black women! Now, that’s something to celebrate.

Harriet Tubman, the American abolitionist and political activist once said, “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

In her final chance to explain why she was the right choice, Miss Tunzi responded, «I grew up in a world where a woman who looks like me — with my kind of skin and my kind of hair — was never considered to be beautiful, I think it is time that that stops today. I want children to look at me and see my face and I want them to see their faces reflected in mine.»

Miss Zozibini Tunzi’s patience, and passion to reach for the stars, has resulted in the opportunity to change the world.

The great John H. Johnson, founder of Jet and Ebony magazines, which are among the most influential African-American businesses in media beginning in the second half of the twentieth century, once said “A dream starts with vision, an image. If you change what people see, you can change what they believe, you can change institutions and maybe even change the world!”

There’s no question that Zozibini Tunzi being crowned Miss Universe 2019, will change the world’sperception of all Afro-descendants, including the 15 million+ Afro-Latino(a)s, who are persons of African Descent whose origins are in Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. They hail from countries whose inhabitants speak a Romance language, Spanish, French or Portuguese.

Like a true leader, Miss Zozibini Tunzi has used her platform to make changes and her social media campaign to changing the narrative around gender stereotypes. In her final question, 26-year-old Zozibini was asked what we should be teaching young girls today.

Her answer was leadership.

«It’s something that has been lacking in young girls and women for a very long time – not because we don’t want to, but because of what society has labelled women to be.»

«I think we are the most powerful beings on the world, and that we should be given every opportunity.

«And that is what we should be teaching these young girls – to take up space.»

Finally, reflecting on her win, Zozibini wrote: «Tonight a door was opened and I could not be more grateful to have been the one to have walked through it. May every little girl who witnessed this moment forever believe in the power of her dreams and may they see their faces reflected in mine. I proudly state my name Zozibini Tunzi, Miss Universe 2019!»

Congratulations to Zozibini Tunzi, Miss Universe 2019! Black Is Beautiful! Look out as GALENT continues to use its platforms to promote pride in Black and Latino(a) (Afro-Latino(a)) heritage, presenting Images of aspiration and success.

GALENT operates by the following guiding principles:

Recognition, GALENT celebrates the accomplishments, achievements and contributions of Afro-Latino(a)s, informing, empowering, entertaining and advocating for them.

Respect GALENT promotes recognition of and respect for Afro-Latino(a) culture, history and heritage.

Inclusion GALENT promotes the process of improving the ability, opportunity, and dignity of Afro Latino(a)s to take part in society, through an inclusion framework of access to products, and services.

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