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An open letter from Mr. Christopher R. Lynn Esq. To Mr. Ryan Grimm and Mr. Mathew Cunninghan Cook

You should know that Mr. Christopher R. Lynn, Esq., wrote today’s “What You Should Know”. Mr. Lynn served on the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB), representing the borough of Manhattan from 1993-1995. He also served as the New York City Transportation Commissioner and for the Taxi and Limousine (TLC) under Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s administration. Mr. Lynn wants you to know the following.

Dear Sir:

Your well-written piece, published on the dated June 20th, , hits all the high notes; however, as a thoughtful journalist, you might look at the legislative record of Councilman Rev. Ruben Diaz. For 16 years, inspite of serving under the led run GOP state senate, he successfully managed to get 17 bills signed into Law. Also his record in 2018 in the City council, he managed to get four of his bills signed into law. This begs us to ask the question, why does Ritchie Torres insist on calling Diaz a Trump Republican when his legislative record is anything but, with the two exceptions being abortion and gay marriage.

During his tenure as a State Senator, Diaz had every opportunity to join the IDC (Independent Democratic Caucus)” with Jeff Klein; which would have acquired him a bigger budget, which would have afforded him more staff and a nicer office. Councilman Diaz also fully supported Senator Andrea Cousins and opposed Klein for dividing the party in the Senate. Diaz never broke ranks with the Democratic Senate leadership under Andrea Cousins. The IDC defeated the Diaz legislation that would require New York City to purchase Canadian prescription drugs, which would’ve help bring down the cost of prescription drugs greatly benefitting the elderly, as the County of Schenectady does. Diaz voted NO on the reinstatement of the death penalty, and he voted no on the state budget, which cut vital social services he did so joining ranks with Senator Tom Duane, an openly gay Senator.

It was Diaz who distinguished himself while serving on the CCRB advocating for those impacted by police brutality, including Anthony Baez, who died at the hands of a police officer and ACT UP demonstrator Christopher Henelly who was beaten. Why not ask Iris Baez, the mother of Anthony Baez, a Diaz supporter.

Diaz has received no monetary contributions from law enforcement, not like Torres, who has received thousands of dollars from them. The facts regarding Torres and his concessions on the “right to know the law” speaks volumes, not because of compromise that’s a reality, but because of his tactics of keeping his allies in the dark until it’s too late.

That’s a page right out of “The Prince” by Machiavelli. Notably, Torres recently moved into the district after having lived for many years in a subsidized housing unit for the disabled, while earning a council member’s salary.

That is old-time politics right out of George Plunkett of Tammany Hall “I’ve seen my opportunities, and I took em” In comparison with all duly noted transgressions Councilman Diaz, after 20 years of serving in public office, could never be accused of personal benefit.

It’s laughable that Torres complains about Diaz holding annual thanksgiving dinners or distributing Christmas gifts and throwing parties for the community. He’s been doing so for thirty-five years long before ever being elected or running for office.

No one could ever accuse Diaz of not making his thoughts known or not keeping his word, despite great pressure for him to retract, or give in once he has made a promise. He is loyal to his word, just ask the NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson.

Chris Lynn.

Christopher R. Lynn, Esq.

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