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Alexandria Ocasio Cortez ideas are detrimental to our community.

You should know that last week, on July 24, 2021, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, went to Cleveland Ohio to campaign for congressional candidate Nina Turner in a special election. While on the stump AOC, doubled down on her previous comments to abolish incarcerations, while in a press conference on June 3rd, 2021 with Senator Chuck Schumer at Jacobi Hospital in Bronx County.

Its important for you to know that Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis in response to Congresswoman Cortez, tweeted “If AOC had her way . . . there’d be no jails, no arrests, no police (except her private security). New York City would be turned into a 24/7 movie set for ‘The Purg.” This is referring to a movie where violent criminals run rampant throughout the city committing violent crimes.

You should know that Congresswoman Cortez seems to be oblivious about crime facts and statistics. AOC’s outrageous comments reveal how out of touch she is with the district she was elected to represent, and how she ignores those who fall victim to the skyrocketing increase in crime throughout this nation, but more importantly within the city she represents.

The Congresswoman fails to see that her rhetoric, her words, ideas, and policies serve to embolden the criminal element, and that is detrimental and impacts our predominately Black and Brown communities.

You should also know that AOC talks a good game about incarcerated Black and Brown people but she reveals how out of touch she really is with the plight of Black and Brown communities as a whole.

AOC forgets that our Black and Brown children need to be safe in our community playgrounds, and schools. Congresswoman Cortez forgets that the Black and Brown elderly need to feel and be safe to walk in our communities without fear to be able to safely shop or simply take a walk in the park. Congresswoman Cortez forgets that the Black and Brown youth need a safe place to play basketball or go to the mall or the movies. Congresswoman Cortez forgets that mothers have a need to feel that their children are safe when they go out. Congresswoman Cortez forgets that it is, disproportionately and predominantly, the Black and Brown people that are the victims of violent crime.

Congresswoman Cortez, unfortunately, forgot her oath of office which is to defend the community she represents. Congresswoman Cortez goes off to Cleveland Ohio, to unleash her dangerous, detrimental ideas on other communities instead of addressing the crime in her own backyard.

Congresswoman Cortez blames mental illness on the rise in crime and those incarcerated. Her blindness does not allow her to connect the dots, mainly that upon passing bail reform in 2019 we have experienced this large surge in crime in New York City. Which has emboldened the criminal mind.

According to a CNN report by Josh Cambell, the “Overall crime in NYC rose by 22% in May 2021, driven largely by a 46.7% increase in robbery and a 35.6% increase in grand larceny. The NYPD reported that the number of murders is at 37%.”

During the Memorial Day weekend alone 13 people were shot among them a 13-year-old boy in the Bronx. According to a June 3rd report by Thomas Barrabi “NYPD stats April 19, 25 -year to date. Murders are up by 9.1%, shootings are up by 76.5%, and shooting victims are up by 71.9%.”

What Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez should know is that Black and Brown’s people care about one thing, and that is feeling and being safe in our communities. Black and Brown’s communities want and need more police presence.

The Congresswoman should also know that the hard-working, law-abiding Black and Brown people she represents care about holding criminals accountable for the crimes they commit. Incarceration is getting them off our streets. Mental illness should not be used as an excuse for unleashing criminals and havoc onto our communities making Black and Brown’s people prey for the criminals.

I am Councilman Rev. Ruben Diaz, and this is what you should know.

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